Official start of the EULYNX Academy

EULYNX has launched the EULYNX Academy, a comprehensive training platform designed to enhance expertise in railway signalling. The academy offers structured courses for different levels of understanding, organised as individual training modules.

The EULYNX Introduction Module provides an overview of the organisation’s history, mission, and impact on the railway industry, and includes basic architecture explanation, all available online for self-paced learning.

The EULYNX Basic Module provides further insight, and covers detailed document structures, subsystem functionalities and interface definitions, including topics related to maintenance, diagnostics and security. For 2024, onsite sessions of the Basic Module are already scheduled for Brussels, Prague, and Vienna. In longer term, an online version of the Basic Module will be available.

The advanced tailored Deep Dive Module allows participants to focus on specific topics of interest, providing in-depth analysis and practical sessions. This module will be organised by separate topics as scheduled workshops, however dedicated courses may also be organised for your team or organisation.

The EULYNX Academy aims to foster a deep understanding of railway signalling systems. For more information and registration, visit our Academy pages.

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