About Us

What is EULYNX?
EULYNX is an European initiative launched in 2014, currently composed of 15 Infrastructure Managers. Our mission is to standardise interfaces and elements of signalling systems in the railway industry. Over the years, our project has evolved into a standing organisation for the standardisation of interfaces, making significant strides in improving the railway industry’s standards.
At the core of our mission is the commitment to define and standardise interfaces for the future of digital control command communication, signalling, and automation systems. The key objective is on a substantial reduction in the lifecycle costs of signalling systems, benefiting the entire railway ecosystem. The control and automation system is the cornerstone of a digital railway, offering advantages such as continuous monitoring for condition-based maintenance.

One of our unique contributions is the decoupling of the lifecycles of interlockings/control logic from field elements. This innovative approach allows for a modular and obsolescence-immune control and automation system, opening doors for specialised manufacturers to contribute components like level crossings, control centers, axle counters, and point machines.

EULYNX is formed as a consortium of railway Infrastructure Managers. EULYNX members include some of Europe’s leading Infrastructure Managers, united in our mission to transform the railway industry. The full members are:
  • Bane NOR, Norway
  • Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL), Luxembourg
  • DB InfraGO (DB), Germany
  • HŽ Infrastruktura (HŽ), Croatia
  • Infrabel, Belgium
  • Network Rail, United Kingdom
  • ÖBB Infrastruktur, Austria
  • ProRail, Netherlands
  • Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), Italy
  • Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB), Switzerland
  • Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF), France
  • SŽ-Infrastruktura (SŽ), Slovenia
  • Správa železnic, Czech Republic
  • Trafikverket, Sweden
  • Väylä (FTIA), Finland
EULYNX member logos
EULYNX Member Logos
In addition to the full membership, EULYNX also offers associate membership schemes.
EULYNX is actively engaged in various key activities that contribute to the advancement of the railway industry. Our work includes:
EULYNX Architecture: The EULYNX Reference Architecture defines the comprehensive EULYNX system. It covers the overall architecture, cross-cutting architectural concepts, and generic functions of the system.
Interfaces: EULYNX’s functional interfaces, known as SCI, are developed by dedicated clusters. They specify Requirement pecifications and Interface specifications for each interface, including diagnostics interfaces (SDI), maintenance interfaces (SMI), and security interfaces (SSI).
Data Preparation: Data Preparation focuses on the exchange data format for signalling engineering data between infrastructure managers and market parties. Our UML model serves as the basis for XML schemas.
Assurance: EULYNX assures specifications that are accepted by all member organisations. Our process follows CSM principles and ensures hazard identification and mitigation. Each baseline release is accompanied by an Assurance Justification report.
Modelling and Testing: EULYNX provides system engineering processes and methodologies for developing model-based specifications.
Certification: EULYNX defines the process to demonstrate compliance with our specifications. The process focuses on open testing procedures and can be applied by independent and supplier-based test facilities. A test case catalogue accompanies each baseline release.
Security: EULYNX defines a security architecture and provides best practice guides.
Migration: Our migration strategy involves defined plateaus, ensuring backward and forward compatibility. We aim to protect investments in trackside assets and facilitate standardisation.
Deployment Support: EULYNX offers a Deployment Support Programme to help infrastructure managers and accelerate EULYNX based tenders. The program includes training and technical support.
EULYNX Lab: We’re working on establishing a common EULYNX Compliance and Integration Facility to enhance product deployment.
Integration with Europe’s Rail System Pillar
EULYNX is committed to guiding developments in the CCS sector towards cost-effectiveness, increased modularisation, and faster deployment. We actively collaborate with Europe’s Rail System Pillar, the generic system integrator and the architect of the future European Union’s railway system, which brings the sector initiatives such as EULYNX under a single coordination body.