RCA, an initiative started by ERTMS Users Group and EULYNX, has published its final release RCA Baseline set 1 Release 0. The RCA-related topics are proposed for inclusion in the Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking System Pillar, and will continue to be developed in the System Pillar environment.

You can find the all the downloads on the release page.

A webinar has been organised, explaining:

  • an in-depth look at the work of RCA in the past years, including a view into how RCA started
  • an overview of the RCA Baseline 1 Release 0, including a document map for suggested reading
  • an outlook on the future of RCA and the inclusion of RCA-related topics into the Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking System Pillar
  • a Q&A Session to get answers to all your RCA-related questions

EULYNX is contributing to the standardisation of product development with its architecture and engineering methods. The EULYNX data model and format is helping to standardise the planning of those railway systems where CCS products are installed. An article has been published in SIGNAL+DRAHT describing how EULYNX supports the digital planning and engineering of railway assets.

The article is available here:  pdf Mueller Digital planning and engineering of railway assets (2.03 MB)

EULYNX Annual Report 2021 is now available, presenting the achievements of the consortium and highlighting the collective efforts of the EULYNX members toward further integration of standardisation activities in the signalling domain.

The EULYNX Annual report 2021 is available for download here:   pdf EULYNX Annual Report 2021 (8.10 MB)

EULYNX published an update of the Data preparation model - Release 1.1. 

The Data preparation model defines the format that Infrastructure Managers and suppliers/engineering companies use to exchange information about signalling engineering and configuration data.

Please refer to the EULYNX DataPrep pages for further details, deliverables, and explanations how EULYNX DataPrep will contribute to digital continuity in the railway signalling business.

The EULYNX Data Preparation cluster will continue to enrich and update the model following national and international developments. New releases are planned every half-year. We look forward to your feedback and questions under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The EULYNX Consortium has published a new documentation release Baseline Set 4 Release 1. The Baseline Set 4 Release 1 is a major documentation release, which delivers 51 updated or new documents.

This release continues the development based on Baseline Set 3, and now integrates additional functional extensions for the generic subsystem requirements and for several specific subsystems. This release also includes new specification documents on IT-security. As continuation of harmonisation efforts, this release provides harmonised specifications for EULYNX field element subsystem and interface specifications.

All deliverables are available in PDF format. In addition to the PDF documents, the following supporting artefacts are delivered:

  • For all deliverables originating from DOORS, the requirements interchange format ReqIF is available.
  • For all model-based deliverables, the underlying models are available as an export from the EULYNX model.
  • For all EULYNX field element subsystem specifications, the simulators developed by EULYNX for verification and validation of requirements are available.

Documents are available for download to the registered users. If your organisation does not have yet registered access please fill out the  folder registration form

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