EULYNX is an European initiative by several Infrastructure Managers to standardise parts of the signalling systems. The current phase is project preparation. The project has started on 19 February 2014, with a three year lifespan for this stage. In december 2017, after three years the project organization will evolve into a standing organization for standardization of interfaces.

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Please note the existence of our bulletin board at This bulleting board is intended to serve as a discussion platform for raising questions about the specifications. You will need to register for access; access only intended for users of the specifications so please make sure your company has been registered on this website.

The EULYNX Initiative is an initiative of several European railways and infrastructure managers with a common goal for standardisation of interfaces. It has released a set of documents as Baseline 1 on the 31 of March 2017.

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In early April the EULYNX Initiative will its first baseline of specifications which will be publicly available for information and use by interested parties. The Intellectual Property Rights of these documents remain with the project partners under an EUPL 1.1 licence, hence the content is as is and cannot be altered by other parties.

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