The EULYNX Consortium has published an updated documentation release Baseline Set 3 Release 5. The EULYNX Baseline Set 3 Release 5 is an update within Baseline Set 3 after the earlier Releases 1-4. It delivers 42 updated or new documents.

This marks the completion of Baseline set 3, making this release a stable and comprehensive set of specifications, serving as basis for industry developments and infrastructure manager deployments. With Release 5 the current baseline set will be closed for changes in functionality or new functions. Please note that a minor update is planned in form of Release 6 (Sept 2020), limited only to SCI-RBC in order to integrate the functionality of ETCS L1 (SCI-CEC) into SCI-RBC.

Future developments in EULYNX will be introduced as part of Baseline set 4 (planned from December 2021 onward).

All deliverables are in PDF format, deliverables originating from DOORS are also available in requirements interchange format ReqIF.

Documents are available for download to the registered users. If your organisation does not have yet registered access please fill out the  folder registration form

EULYNX consortium informs on the The Digital Rail Summer School, that will take place 21-25 September 2020 near the new ''Digital Test Field” at Annaberg-Buchholz. The event is aimed at students who are interested in technical systems at Deutsche Bahn.

The participants of the Digital Rail Summer School 2020 will be able to gain experience in the practical implementation of software projects for rail operations. EULYNX, also presented at the event, will demonstrate co-simulation with hardware-in-the-loop as well as control of a switch motor from the simulation model.

The EULYNX Consortium organised an interactive workshop on Data preparation to inform about the opportunities that EULYNX Data preparation can provide to industry – in particular for software developers and signalling system suppliers in the context of the data preparation process in signalling engineering.

An introduction video regarding EULYNX Data preparation is available here.

The workshop generated a lot of interest and was well attended. Participants learned about the approach and contents of EULYNX Data Preparation. The main use case is the standardisation of the exchange of engineering data between infrastructure managers and the signalling industry, and the workshop provided an opportunity to explore a number of additional innovative use cases.

The information exchange was welcomed, and the main conclusion from the workshop highlighted the urgency to standardise the data exchange.

To enable easier following of progress in data preparation modelling, EULYNX offers open public snapshots of the EULYNX Data preparation model. The public snapshots are available on this link.

pdf 20200305 DP Workshop presentation (3.11 MB)

The EULYNX Annual report 2019 is published, giving an overview and status of the work of the EULYNX Consortium, and providing an insight in the plans and activities of the EULYNX members.

The EULYNX Annual report 2019 is available for download here:   pdf EULYNX Annual report 2019 (802 KB)

Within the Shift2Rail programme the LinX4Rail project was set up to develop and promote a sectorial common Functional Railway System Architecture. This activity will be supported by a widely adopted Shift2Rail Conceptual Data Model (CDM). The ambition of LinX4Rail is to achieve an overall system architecture for the railway system and a strategy for implementation of future technical breakthroughs. 

RCA supports this idea and contributes by an active exchange and collaboration. RCA brings in its achievements for the CCS architecture, which is expected to be the core of the Functional Railway System Architecture. 

Find more information about LinX4Rail on this link.

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