EULYNX and EU-Rail System Pillar have published a common documentation release EULYNX Baseline Set 4 Release 2. This release has been prepared in close collaboration with the European rail control-command and signalling (CCS) sector under the organisation and authority of EU-Rail System Pillar, bringing a part of the EULYNX development under technical authority of the System Pillar.

The EULYNX Baseline Set 4 Release 2 is a documentation update release within the EULYNX Baseline Set 4, continuing the development based on previous releases. The primary focus of this release is to address the feedback from the industry and integration into the EU-Rail System Pillar. All specifications related to trackside assets and transversal functions are applicable for both the current EULYNX architecture and the future System Pillar target architecture, therefore published as a single set of specifications under a common publication by EULYNX and EU-Rail System Pillar, delivering in total 24 specification documents. The specification set is available under EU-Rail System Pillar outputs.

In addition to the common documentation release, EULYNX published also additional specifications and supporting documents for the current EULYNX architecture, which are integrated in the EULYNX part of Baseline Set 4 Release 2, delivering additional 30 documents. 

Ongoing investments with multiple running and planned projects, together with  corresponding industry developments, all require a stable and future-proof basis for procurements and developments. This publication by EU-Rail System Pillar and EULYNX provides the stable basis for current investments related to the EULYNX architecture, and ensures both migration and compliance to the future System Pillar target architecture.

The efficient development phase and successful sector wide approval of this first publication under the umbrella of the System Pillar demonstrate the role of the System Pillar as the generic system integrator and the architect of the future European Union’s railway system, successfully collaborating with sector initiatives, such as EULYNX to bring all rail sector representatives under a single coordination body.

All deliverables are available in PDF format. In addition to the PDF documents, the following supporting artefacts are delivered:

·        For all requirements specifications, the requirements interchange format ReqIF is available.

·        For all model-based deliverables, the underlying models are available as an export from the EULYNX model. 

·        For all EULYNX field element subsystem specifications, the simulators developed by EULYNX for verification and validation of requirements are available.

The full EULYNX baseline is available for download to the registered users. If your organisation does not have yet registered access please fill out the registration form.

EULYNX is very pleased to announce its participation at InnoTrans 2022.
Plan your visit to our booth and talk to the EULYNX experts in person!

The significant digitalisation of the railway system brings completely new topics to be considered within the railway infrastructure development. One of most crucial topics is the interoperability on the level of single railway infrastructure components and its connection to the IM IT systems. Therefore, taking a strategic step in obligation fulfillment towards European interoperability, as of 1 January 2023 Správa železnic, státní organizace became the 14th member of the EULYNX Consortium. 

In May 2023, Správa železnic hosted a two-day EULYNX workshop in Prague, where EULYNX experts explained the general principles of the standardisation process. The significant interest was shown during the discussion covering the modular architecture, standardised interfaces and the underlying safety protocol RaSTA. 

The first project where the principles of EULYNX solutions will be applied is the construction "Reconstruction of Batelov railway station including DOZ switching station Spělov". Within this project, the interfaces used between the individual elements of the equipment will be defined in cooperation with the EULYNX experts group, the selected contractor and specialists from Správa železnic. The principles defined in this way will be repeated in further projects dealing with the installation of signalling equipment at Správa železnic.

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