EULYNX Basic – October 2024

08th and 09th October 2024, Prague / Czech Republic 

Address: Václavkova 169/1, 160 00 Praha 6 / Czech Republic

The EULYNX Basics module is designed for participants who already have some knowledge of EULYNX. It provides a detailed exploration of important content that helps understand the organization’s specifications better. In this module, participants will learn about EULYNX document structures, interface types, architectural principles, subsystem functionalities, and security protocols. The content covers various aspects, including interface classification, the role of architecture in system behavior, and details about subsystems like Electronic Interlocking, Field Element, Maintenance and Data Management, and Security Services Platform. The module also looks into security considerations within the EULYNX framework. By the end of this module, participants will have a solid understanding of the key components that shape the EULYNX system, preparing them for more advanced topics in the following modules. The EULYNX Basics module acts as a connection point between basic concepts and the more specialized aspects of EULYNX specifications.

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