EULYNX Data Preparation is working on the information model for signalling engineering. The model defines the format that Infrastructure Managers and suppliers/engineering companies use to exchange information about signalling engineering and configuration data. This video presents the collaboration process and the status of the modelling work, as well as a practical application example.

European infrastructure managers have to optimize cost, reliability, safety, capacity and fast migration. Assets have to be renewed while new technologies are introduced. Incompatibilities create high cost and investment risks. Inflexible old architectures bind the asset owners to technologies and processes which are not making use of the possibilities of today. Expensive migration challenges hinder the infrastructure managers to change their situation fast.

RCA is introducing a modern architecture for the CCS field based on radio based ERTMS and EULYNX. It creates a flexible and safe investment situation by defining a framework for modular standard products as a set of standard requirements used in CCS procurements. 

The digitization of command, control and signalling will only succeed together with a market, that uses standard architectures.

An introduction to RCA is presented in a short video.

With RCA, European infrastructure managers define an internationally standardised signalling system, focusing on modular architecture and standardised interfaces.

As we cannot meet you on the RCA stand at Innotrans 2020, a video has been prepared to give a virtual demonstration of RCA. Several parties provided parts of this demonstration, brought together in the video. To be demonstrated live at Innotrans 2021!

In order to enable future partial replacement of system elements European infrastructure managers feel the need for standardisation of the interfaces between these elements. With the EULYNX approach subsystems can be replaced without the need for a complete renewal of the interlocking.


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