The EULYNX Data Preparation cluster is a workgroup in EULYNX that designs a model of signalling engineering information. Our goal is to attain digital continuity of the exchange of signalling data between IM’s and signalling industry.

Seamless exchange of information will accelerate (re-)signalling work as engineering information is no longer sourced from a mosaic of plans and documents but from a structured set of data.

A new public snapshot of the signalling model has been published, and is directly available on this link. Notable additions in the current snapshot are the ETCS package, geodata (aligned with UIC RailSystemModel), worker safety and traction- power supply.

The EULYNX Data Preparation cluster is on schedule to finalise the model by the end of 2021 and will then deliver an XML schema and the matching UML model. 

Please refer to the EULYNX DataPrep pages that explain the contributions of EULYNX DataPrep to railway signalling.