Last year, the EULYNX consortium and UNIFE CCS Platform agreed to cooperate in the review of interface specifications for interlocking technology.
Three representatives of the railway suppliers are regularly invited to take part in the review of specifications and make suggestions from the products development point of view.

The cooperation represents a way to enable both parties - suppliers and railways - to improve the specifications. On the one hand, the need for queries and changes after the publication of the specifications decreases significantly; on the other hand, EULYNX can benefit from suggestions for improvement from the suppliers. The cooperation takes place within the so-called Change Control Board (CCB) and on-request advices from the industry to the EULYNX Architecture Cluster. Based on the production of extensive review comments, the return of experience proves to be positive and marks a first step towards a wider collaboration with the industry, which will be the user of the specifications in the development of EULYNX enabled products. The review process is complex and regularly produces extensive review comments.

For the future EULYNX specifications, the suppliers can bring in their point of view earlier in the process and actively contribute to the improvement and feasibility of the specifications. This is the way to ensure a continuous and collaborative development of EULYNX specifications.