On October 1st, Network Rail hosted a webinar on the Target 190plus R&D programme, the objective of which is to reduce the cost of ETCS signalling infrastructure to £190k per signalling equivalent unit. The programme is aligned with the Reference CCS Architecture (RCA), an initiative driven by several railways organized in EUG and EULYNX.

The event opened with some context setting from Andrew Simmons on the Technology, Toufic Machnouk on the East Coast Programme and David Clarke of Rail Industry Association (RIA) on the interface with the Sector Deal. Martin Jones the Network Rail Chief CCS Engineer then set out the asset sustainability challenges that Network Rail faces and the fact that solving these with conventional signalling is not feasible, before Programme Manager Karl Butler-Garnham and Engineering Expert Nicola Furness set out the details of the R&D programme. The webinar ended with a lively Q&A session. The slides from the webinar are available pdf  here (3.41 MB) . In addition, the questions asked during the T190 webinar have been captured in an FAQ available  pdf here (574 KB) .