We are happy to announce the first update of RCA. RCA Beta is an update of RCA Alpha taking into account feedback from RCA Alpha (from railways, suppliers, sector organizations). RCA Beta mostly deals with corrections, misunderstandings and frequently asked questions.

RCA Beta is released in the form of an updated set of documents from RCA Alpha and with a few additional “Beta chapters” on topics which had generated a lot of interest. New “Beta chapters” include: Platform Independence, Modular Safety, Capacity Effects, Architectural Approach.

If you would like to give feedback or to become involved in the evolution of RCA, please contact us.

RCA in a nutshell: Based on the pdf white paper (213 KB) published in summer 2018, the RCA initiative is driven by several railways organized in EUG and EULYNX. The RCA initiative strives for a substantial improvement in cost, capacity, safety, reliability of the CCS (command, control, signalling) system. RCA starts with radio-based ETCS cab-signalling and EULYNX interfaces and adds a harmonized architecture with clearly defined interfaces leading to an upgradable system with interchangeable components. RCA includes the game-changers such as  ATO, moving block, train-borne localization, FRMCS.

All RCA Beta documents are available for download here.