David Shipman (Network Rail) and Stephen Bull (Ebeni) explained the approach to assurance of EULYNX at two cross-industry security-focussed conferences.  February’s presentation was at the Safety-Critical Systems Symposium, SSS19, run by the Safety-Critical Systems Club.  Delegates learned about the challenges of approaching the assurance of specifications for EULYNX interfaces, as opposed to the full implementation of systems, the methods proposed within the programme, and the successes to date in achieving this. 

The presentation generated a lot of interest both in the approach and in EULYNX as a whole, and, unsurprisingly for events attended by many security specialists, generated a lot of questions about the relationship between safety and security that we have adopted in delivering the assurance of EULYNX.  Significantly, there was much recognition of the successes that have been achieved through adopting the current approach to assurance of specifications-based deliverables.