The EULYNX Consortium has published a major documentation release Baseline Set 3 Release 1.

The release includes architecture documents, subsystem requirements and interface specifications of the EULYNX System. Formal state machine models are included for some requirements specifications, and will be available for complete subsystems in following releases.

Development of the EULYNX data format for the standardised exchange of signalling engineering data is progressing, therefore this release also includes a preliminary release of the data format containing samples of XSD and UML. The data capturing and data modelling process is still ongoing, however provided samples give end users an impression of how the model works.

The EULYNX Consortium has scheduled follow up releases of Baseline Set 3: Release 2 in April 2019, Release 3 in July 2019 and Release 4 in December 2019.

All deliverables are in PDF format and available for download under folder Published documents . All deliverables originating from DOORS are also available in requirements interchange format ReqIF.

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