When considering the business challenges facing the railways and recognising the opportunities provided by a collaborative approach to Command and Control Systems (CCS), Infrastructure Managers consider that a joint development of a future 'Reference CCS Architecture' (RCA) will have many benefits. A White Paper has therefore been developed to express the thoughts of the members of the ERTMS Users Group and the EULYNX Consortium.

The RCA White Paper is aimed at:

  • Highlighting the opportunities associated with Infrastructure Managers working together to develop a single modular framework for future CCS where the interfaces that are being developed within EULYNX are a vital cornerstone
  • Providing a common understanding for Infrastructure Managers, industry partners and other stakeholders on the RCA initiative
  • Providing the background and justification for the RCA initiative
  • Providing direction to industry partners and other stakeholders, including recognition of the benefits associated with building upon and aligning existing developments such as ETCS, ETCS Game Changers, EULYNX and Shift2Rail
  • Providing assurance that the RCA initiative will respect existing CCS investments by recognising the need for a flexible migration approach

The White Paper also highlights how the Infrastructure Managers will organise their collaborative approach, utilizing the existing ERTMS Users Group and EULYNX Consortium to provide the technical direction and development activities. It also identifies the need for engagement with Railway Undertakings and Suppliers.

pdf White Paper Reference CCS Architecture (213 KB)