The EULYNX project organisation has released on 15 December its second baseline, Baseline 2, hence reaching the goal it set out to do three years ago. The twelve members of the consortium are aware of the major step this represents in the signalling sector. For the first time ever a set of specifications includes, in a formalised way, the requirements for signalling systems of up to twelve Infrastructure Managers.

The project organisation has now finished its activities but that does not mean the work is over. As with any standard, a continuous work is needed to iron out errors and changes, including those that arise the moment a new partner joins the EULYNX group of IMs as it is now called. The 12 partners therefore have set up a consortium to maintain the specifications; a consortium not limited in time anymore; it is a standing organisation. Its formal start date is 1 January 2018 but informally it is already working to make sure a smooth transition is assured.

For contacting the organisation there is no change; you will find Mirko Blazic as Consortium Technical Coordinator in a similar role he had in the past. Frans Heijnen will continue, this time not as Project Manager; he will support the consortium in liaising with entities in the sector.

The documents can be found at the usual location, replacing the Baseline 1 documents. If your organisation does not have yet registered access please fill out the form. A complete set is available for download, also after registration, as a zip file. Please note the size, 75 MB.

15 December 2017