Berlin, 21 September 2016

During Innotrans the EULYNX Consortium invited senior representatives from the supply industry for a short discussion about possible cooperation. This discussion, partially withnessed by Josef Doppelbauer (Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA)), took place on the 21 September.

As a result of the discussion the representatives present of both parties agreed on future cooperation in an arrangement where representatives of industry members will  join  technical and management meetings to review the specifications and advise on how to achieve faster implementation of the new technology in Europe. Further details will be agreed during the coming months.

The presentation that was basis for the discussion can be found here:  pdf 160921 EULYNX Innotrans final (4.12 MB)

The EULYNX consortium consists of European Infrastructure Managers, represented by the divisions active in the signaling and system engineering domain.