• Subject
    You will find here the first release of the EULYNX Data Preparation model. This model defines the format that Infrastructure Managers and suppliers/engineering companies will use to exchange information about signalling engineering and configuration data.

  • License
    This work is released under European Union Public License EUPL, version 1.2.

  • Support and feedback
    Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for feedback or if you have trouble accessing the material.

  • Contents
    The model is published as

The model breaks down in domains Generic, Signalling and the national domains, one per IM. Domains map to XSD-namespaces, packages regroup specific subject matters.

  • Generic domain
    • Data container
    • GEO information
    • Project management
    • Common classes
  • Signalling domain
    • Assets
      • Block system
      • Controller
      • Key locks
      • Level crossing
      • Local operation devices
      • Platform
      • Point, crossing and derailer
      • Power supply low voltage
      • Power supply traction
      • Signal
      • State space
      • Support structures
      • Track
      • Train detection
    • Automatic route setting
    • Cabling
    • ETCS
    • Flank protection
    • Local operating area
    • Route
    • Speed profiles
    • Train describer
    • Train protection
    • Working safety
  • National domains
    • DB Netz (DB)
    • Network Rail (NR)
    • ProRail
    • Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI)
    • SNCF Réseau (SNCF)
    • Trafikverket (TRV)

  • Evolution
    Formal change management is being defined and will be put into place early 2022. This includes the intake and processing of change requests from users. A six-monthly release frequency is foreseen.

  • Contributors
    The EULYNX Data Prep model resulted from the joint effort of the infrastructure managers in the EULYNX consortium.

  • Open source developments
    The EULYNX Data Prep inspires external open source developments:
    • A-Plan is a tool which can convert legacy track data and existing CCS infrastructure data of an infrastructure manager into EULYNX XML. The tool is an open source  software that is continuously developing to fulfill the geodata requirements of participating infrastructure managers. It currently supports French and German data and enables the visualization of EULYNX XML.