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  1. Status and Disclaimer
    This page links to snapshots of ongoing modelling work. The EULYNX Data Preparation model forms the basis for the EULYNX data exchange format for exchange of signalling engineering and configuration data between Infrastructure Managers and Suppliers/Engineering consultancies.
    The contents presented in the public snapshots may be unfinished, may contain errors and can be changed without prior notice. No formal change management is in place at this phase.

  2. License
    All information included or disclosed is licensed under the European Union Public Licence EUPL, Version 1.1.

  3. Support and Feedback
    For feedback, or if you have trouble accessing the material, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  4. Contents

    The current snapshot includes the following work packages:

    Following work packages are in development: 

    • Assets
      • Block
      • Key locks
      • Level crossing
      • Local operating area
      • Local operation devices
      • Object controller
      • Platform
      • Point, crossing and derailer
      • Signal
      • Support structures
      • Track
      • Train detection
      • ETCS 
      • Geo data
      • Power supply
      • Workers' safety
    • Common classes
    • Flank protection
    • Route
    • Speed profiles
    • Train protection
    • Operation
    • Project management
    • Automatic Route Setting
    • Train describer

  5. Contributors
    The EULYNX Data Preparation model is created from joint effort of infrastructure managers of the EULYNX Consortium.