• Subject
    You will find here the first release of the EULYNX Data Preparation model. This model defines the format that Infrastructure Managers and suppliers/engineering companies will use to exchange information about signalling engineering and configuration data.

  • License
    This work is released under European Union Public License EUPL, version 1.2.

  • Support and feedback
    Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for feedback or if you have trouble accessing the material.

  • Contents
    The model is published as

The model breaks down in domains Generic, Signalling and the national domains, one per IM. Domains map to XSD-namespaces, packages regroup specific subject matters.

  • Generic domain
    • Data container
    • GEO information
    • Project management
    • Common classes
  • Signalling domain
    • Assets
      • Block system
      • Controller
      • Key locks
      • Level crossing
      • Local operation devices
      • Platform
      • Point, crossing and derailer
      • Power supply low voltage
      • Power supply traction
      • Signal
      • State space
      • Support structures
      • Track
      • Train detection
    • Automatic route setting
    • Cabling
    • ETCS
    • Flank protection
    • Local operating area
    • Route
    • Speed profiles
    • Train describer
    • Train protection
    • Working safety
  • National domains
    • DB Netz (DB)
    • Network Rail (NR)
    • ProRail
    • Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI)
    • SNCF Réseau (SNCF)
    • Trafikverket (TRV)

  • Evolution
    Formal change management is being defined and will be put into place early 2022. This includes the intake and processing of change requests from users. A six-monthly release frequency is foreseen.

  • Contributors
    The EULYNX Data Prep model resulted from the joint effort of the infrastructure managers in the EULYNX consortium.